Salafism in egypt

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Revolutionary Salafism: The Case of Ahrar Movement

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A Profile of German Salafists in Egypt

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Salafi movement

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Salafism is a Muslim Puritans’ ideology that is inherently against the concept of political involvement however over time it has become increasingly involved in political activities in the middle east, especially in Egypt recently.

Image caption Salafist protesters take to the street in Cairo: Salafists have previously seen political involvement as un-Islamic but have found growing support post-Arab Spring The ultra. The Arab Spring. By the end of the s, Salafism had spread across the Arab world, most notably to Egypt and Tunisia, expanding both the number of its adherents and its institutional scope, which now included social organizations engaged in charity, relief and community work.

Reports Salafis in Sudan:Non-Interference or Confrontation. The Salafi movement has grown in Sudan in recent years. Traditional Salafism had focused its activities on correcting the ways in which the Islamic faith was practised, fighting against polytheism and branding individuals as heretics.

Allah Versus KFC

The Salafists’ movement is rapidly spreading in Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen, the countries whose administrations had beentoppled in the wake of Arab Spring and. Reports The Salafi Nour Party In Egypt. While the Nour party may have initially gained much power from their decision to side with the military, it has now forced the party to make considerable concessions, caused fractures within its ranks, and come at the expense of much of its grassroots support.

Salafism in egypt
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