Organise and report data

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SIPRI Yearbook 2016: Armaments, Disarmaments and International Security

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Introducing the NoiseTools Software, which allows you to download, analyse and report the noise measurement data collected by a range of Cirrus Noise Measurement Equipment.

Licence-free with free lifetime updates. Download the latest version here. Data reporting is a process where data is extracted form a source or many sources and then converted into a format that can be used for a purpose.

Data can be organised chronologically, for value/size, simple to complex etc. Desperate to view the home report on your dream property? The good news is you don't need to wait for an office opening to view a report as you can access Onesurvey any time of the day or night and simply enter the address details.

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Reporting and resources

To organise and conduct regular free and fair elections and referenda professionally, impartially, and efficiently. Understand How to Organise and Report Data That Has Been Researched.

Describe different ways of organising data that has been researched. Data is a group of information that are used for various purposes like analysis, evaluations and to arrive at certain results or conclusions.

Data reporting.

Organise and report data
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Cystic Fibrosis Trust - Reporting and resources