Live animal export in australia

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Animals Australia scores procedural win in live sheep court case

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RSPCA, farm lobby furious over political delay in live export abuse penalties

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Live animal exports have been, and remain, a contentious issue.

Export quotas

Many petitions have been made to Parliament to end the live export trade, such as that presented in November by Kelvin Thomson MP with 60, petitioners. These Animals Australia investigations have exposed cruelty in the live export trade. The department confirmed it had been “notified of” and was considering an exporter’s intention to export live sheep to the Middle East.

The sheep have been held in a feedlot outside Perth. The department is responsible for protecting our animal health. We place a high priority on education and awareness to prevent pest and disease incursions, and we ensure robust and tested response plans are in place should an outbreak occur.

The Australian Government is committed to supporting Australian agricultural exports and has negotiated a number of important bilateral and multilateral agreements with trading partners to facilitate the trade.

The figures were published in a report to federal parliament, tabled yesterday. Almostsheep were loaded in Australia for export between last December and .

Live animal export in australia
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Animals Australia scores procedural win in live sheep court case - Sheep Central