Genderlect theory final

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Genderlect Theory Final Essay

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Genderlect Theory Final Essay

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Gender differences in rumination: A meta-analysis

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Running Head: Genderlect Styles Theory Genderlect Styles Theory: A Look Within Amanda L. Tanner Mansfield University Introduction Genderlect is a concept that originated in early sociolinguistics which compares and contrasts male and female speech styles.

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1 Running Head: Genderlect Styles Theory Genderlect Styles Theory: A. This is completely in line with the Genderlect theory and the conversations that pervade the Indian social sphere are in complete agreement with it.

Not only is the male supremacy taken for granted but any dialogue between the two genders usually ends with the male having the final word. Genderlect Theory is a term that was popularized by linguist Deborah Tannen.

– In this sentence she states who introduced the theory. Tannen argues that masculine and feminine styles of discourse are two distinct cultural dialects.

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Genderlect theory final
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