Coral reefs our disappearing beauty

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Chasing Coral on Google Earth

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Why Is Our Environment Important?

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Latest environmental news, features and updates. Pictures, video and more. Endangered species are those considered to be at risk of extinction.

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Explore endangered species photos, videos and facts including why species are endangered and what is being done to help. Coral White Toothpaste is an all natural Fluoride and Sodium Laureth Sulfate free toothpaste that actively cleans and nourishes your mouth.

With your health in mind we set out to craft an EcoSafe toothpaste with more added health benefits than traditional alternatives. Coral reefs, some of the Earth’s most remarkable natural structures, are more than just beautiful to admire.

Besides fostering a diverse marine environment, coral reefs are also vital to the. A coral reef, The perfect image of beauty, Slowly demolished by humans, Dying damaged deliberately.

Boom! One more reef damaged, Begging for help in pain, Crying out for us to hear. As beautiful as the ocean itself, As complex as a maze, As caring as a brand new mother, The coral reef.

As ocean temperatures have risen 1 to degrees, coral reefs have started dying around the world, and a new study suggests that they could be completely wiped out in a just a few decades.

Coral reefs our disappearing beauty
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